Anchor Animal Hospital: Quality Care and Seasonal Pet Advice in MA

seasonal pet equipmentFinding the right equipment to keep your pet safe while you walk and travel can be challenging. Advice for pets over the changing seasons can shed light on useful items that can ensure their wellbeing. Make sure your pet has a collar or harness and a leash suitable for their size, breed, and behavior this spring to avoid a visit to the Dartmouth emergency vet. If you live in southeast Massachusetts, now is a good time to schedule your pet’s yearly checkup with your South Coast veterinarian to make sure they’re healthy enough to enjoy the outside more.

Seasonal Pet Advice

While it’s understandable that your dog would rather not be restrained by a collar or leash when outside, the risks involved are simply too great. Dogs that are allowed to roam free are at risk of being driven over by a car, attacked by another dog or wildlife, being lost, or even dying. Dog and cat owners in Southeastern Massachusetts who care about their pets should take all precaution possible to keep them safe. The best way to do this is to take them to a reliable South Coast veterinarian on a regular basis, make sure they are up-to-date on all vaccinations and preventative treatments, register them with the city or county as required by law, and make sure they always wear a collar with their name, phone number, and other contact information.

Some dog breeds benefit greatly from harnesses because they are more responsive when walking without the collar dragging on their necks. For the sake of safety, a harness is also an excellent choice for a slender dog or energetic pet that may easily escape a regular collar. Even if the pet loses its collar or tag, microchipping may still be used to identify it, which is why it is recommended by many animal rights activists. Nobody knows your pet like you do. It is up to you to make the right decisions on their behalf to keep them safe and avoid an unexpected visit to an emergency vet in Dartmouth. You may utilize the knowledge you get from researching seasonal pet advice to keep your pet safe all year long, not just during the spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Choosing the Best Pet Equipment

It might be difficult to choose which collar or harness is ideal for your pet whether you visit a pet supply store or purchase online. The issue of sizing might also be problematic. The “flat” collar is the industry standard for most dogs. Most of these collars include a metal buckle or a quick-release fastening, and they are made from a range of materials, including nylon and various hybrids of strong fabrics. Just as with any other collar, you need to get the size right to make sure your pet can’t slip it off, but not too little to cause discomfort. Two fingers should fit comfortably beneath the collar as a general guideline.

It’s also crucial to think about the length and material of the leash you’d want. While pet owners in Southeastern Massachusetts may pick a leash because it matches the collar they bought, the leash’s length and construction are more important considerations. Leashes that can be extended, bent, or retracted are increasingly common, allowing your dog some freedom to sniff a fire hydrant without slowing you down. However, these may be highly risky, especially in a confined environment like a veterinarian office or pet store. Most dogs do better on leather or nylon leashes. A leash should be no longer than six feet, as required by most state statutes and local dog parks.

Veterinarian Office in South Coast

Make an appointment with a trusted veterinarian in South Coast to ensure your pet’s health and safety in spring and throughout the year. Since its opening in 1975, Anchor Animal Hospital has been caring for pets in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts area. Our veterinary staff has extensive education, training, and experience. We treat each customer with care and respect because of our belief in compassion. Our Dartmouth 24-hour animal hospital may be reached at (508) 996-3731 for appointments or inquiries.