Advanced Veterinary Dental Care in South Coast for Cats and Dogs

veterinary dental for cats and dogsStarting early with dental care for cats and dogs is one of the most recognized ways to safeguard pets and keep them healthy for many years. Easy tooth brushing activities can assist start a lifetime routine of care that can stop many harmful dental illnesses and disorders in puppies and kittens. Also, it is strongly advised to get your pet’s teeth cleaned once a year because this may help you catch small problems before they develop into more serious ones. The Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth, which serves pet owners all over the South Coast, including Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island, offers veterinary dental treatments as well as modern dentistry for animals.

Schedule an Annual Dental Cleaning

Doing veterinary dental procedures at a young age for your pet has several advantages. The first is that if your pet gets used to brushing their teeth throughout their early weeks and months, it may be simpler to do so when they are adults. Your dog or cat will appreciate a play session after you have brushed their teeth, so choose a comfortable method. When they see you putting the brush out for them, they will anticipate it and become delighted. If your cat or dog needs dental care, whether it’s at home or a yearly cleaning, consult your veterinarian. They can suggest the finest things for you to use and set up a routine that will help you keep from needing future advanced dental procedures like extractions and gum treatments.

Almost 70–80 percent of all cats and dogs, according to research, have some form of periodontal or dental disease by the time they are just three years old, which is another incentive to begin early. Before dental problems start to arise, we don’t have much time to start receiving preventative care. These facts have a direct bearing on the third reason. In addition to having poor breath, pets with dental disease may also struggle with a hurting mouth, trouble eating, lethargy, and it may even worsen critical medical illnesses like kidney and heart disease. Ask your veterinarian at Anchor Animal Hospital what goes into an annual dental cleaning for pets if you have a pet that won’t let you wash its teeth. This can keep your pet healthy and content for many years to come by addressing small concerns before they develop into serious tooth disease.

Advanced Dental Services for Pets

The veterinarians at Anchor Animal Hospital have expertise in advanced dentistry procedures from the Animal Dental Training Center and have experience doing oral surgery and other veterinary dental procedures. They are able to undertake sophisticated procedures that may call for surgery, such extracting damaged, infected, or otherwise unhealthy teeth to lessen recovery time and post-operative discomfort. Our facility has a cutting-edge digital dental X-ray device that generates incredibly high-quality pictures in just five seconds. Our dentists can handle difficult instances, such as abscessed roots or painfully retained root troubles, by using X-rays to examine for concerns below the surface.

You can get help from our staff in developing a dental hygiene program at home. Between yearly pet dental cleanings, daily brushing with pet-specific toothpaste and dental rinses, a tartar control diet, and CET dental chews may all help to keep your pet’s mouth healthy. Each patient’s mouth and teeth are examined as part of our yearly standard checkups. Your yearly exam is a fantastic opportunity to talk with a reputable veterinarian about your alternatives if you have never had your dog or cat receive dental treatment. Call Anchor Animal Hospital at 508-996-3731 if you’re interested in making an appointment or would like to discuss veterinary dentistry treatments and choices with one of our staff members. We can assist you arrange routine visits, respond to any queries you may have regarding general and advanced dentistry treatments, and help you provide your pet the full dental and veterinary care they need to live a long and healthy life.