7 Reasons to Get an Annual Veterinary Check-Up for Your Pet

Veterinary Check-up in MassachusettsA regular veterinary check-up is recommended for your pet. Sadly, studies show that the majority of pet owners only bring their cats and dogs in for care when they are sick. Regular veterinary care in Massachusetts can help your vet spot health issues early, providing more opportunity for treatment. There are many reasons why you should bring your pet in to be seen by the veterinarian when he or she is healthy. If you do not have a local veterinarian in your area, contact Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth. Since 1975, we have provided quality care to pet patients and pet parents throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Cape Cod.

Reason #1 – Save Money

Believe it or not, visiting a Southeastern Massachusetts veterinarian can actually save you money. Early treatment options for certain conditions, ailments, and diseases are often much more affordable than emergency services or extensive treatments due to advanced disease. Speak with your local vet to find out how often you need to bring your pet in for a veterinary check-up based on your pet’s age, condition, and needs.

Reason #2 – Consistent Health

Regular check-ups mean consistent health. While you may spend time with your pet each day, you are not trained to notice subtle differences that could signal a problem. Weight fluctuations, behavioral issues, problems with urinating or defecating – these are all things that your vet needs to know. Regular veterinary care in Massachusetts can help keep your pet healthy year-round.

Reason #3 – Once a Year

Because our pets age faster than people, when you miss an annual check-up, it’s actually as though your pet missed several years of veterinary check-up appointments. As your pet ages, their needs will change. Exercise, lifestyle, and dietary changes need to occur on schedule to prevent injuries or health problems later in life. Your veterinarian can answer any questions that you might have and provide you with valuable advice.

Reason #4 – Vaccinations

Some pets require more vaccinations than others. Do you visit local dog parks? Does your pet go with you on vacation? Do you put your pet in boarding when you are out of town? Do you have multiple pets? Is there a lot of wildlife in your area? Many cities, counties, and states have laws about vaccinations for pets. Preventive measures are important to protect your pets and other animals in the area. Speak with a technician when you visit Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth to make sure your pet is up-to-date on all essential vaccinations.

Reason #5 – Healthy Weight

It isn’t always easy for us to know if our pets are over or under the normal weight. Regular veterinary check-up appointments can help us stay on top of our pet’s needs to know if dietary changes should be made. You can get advice about pet food brands, feeding amounts, exercise, and treats when you visit your local vet.

Reason #6 – Dental Care

Many pet owners believe that crunchy treats and dry food are all that is needed to keep teeth healthy and strong. The truth is that dental disease can begin working on pets before they are even a year old. Home cleaning is important, but regular check-ups with a Southeastern Massachusetts veterinarian trained in veterinary dental care is key. They can identify small issues before they become big and painful problems. Pets are great at hiding pain; it’s part of their natural instinct. Unfortunately, that makes it difficult for pet parents to determine when their pet needs help. Regular check-ups can help to ensure that your pet’s mouth is healthy and strong.

Reason #7 – Senior Pets

If your pet is older, veterinary care in Massachusetts is even more important. Their skin and coat can become dry, joints can become sore, and other issues can begin to occur. Senior pets can require more than one veterinary check-up per year, depending on their condition. Regular visits can help to keep your pet healthy and happy for many more years to come.

Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth

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