4 Reasons Why Training for Fall River Pet Owners Makes Sense

puppy training programsCongratulations on adopting a new puppy! If you take the time to do what’s best for the pup and your family, you can expect many years of happiness, love, and companionship for everyone involved. Fall River pet owners who want to start off on the right foot with a new pet might consider enrolling in puppy training programs. Next to scheduling regular check-ups and vaccinations with your local Dartmouth emergency vet, quality training is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your new puppy. Training can assist with things like socialization with other dogs, housebreaking, walking on a leash, learning to come when called and prevent common bad behaviors experienced with untrained pets.

Reason #1 – Socialization

The best time to socialize a puppy is before 16 weeks of age. During these first few weeks of life, your puppy is like a little sponge, so this is the best time to teach him anything you want him to learn. Positive experiences with other dogs and humans will help him to start things off on the right paw. Speak with your veterinarian at Anchor Animal emergency veterinary hospital about the best time to start training. While some people recommend waiting until all vaccines are completed, your veterinarian will have the best advice about starting training for puppies under 16 weeks of age.

This type of training can prevent future issues with dogs, whether you are taking a leash walk around the blog, visiting a local dog park, or just running along the backyard fence with a neighbor dog. This early training can help to stop common behavioral problems in their tracks, including fear and aggression. Small dogs require this type of training just as much as larger breeds, so this type of training is for every type of dog.

Reason #2 – Other Bad Behaviors

Early puppy training programs can also help to prevent other behavioral issues, such as jumping up on people when they come in the door, barking, chewing, and chasing. If you have small children in your home, think about all of the potential issues that might come from an untrained dog. Knocking toddlers over when they are trying to walk, jumping up on school-age kids when they walk in the door, or pestering guests when they visit are just some of the problems that Fall River pet owners report when seeking training for older dogs.

Starting when your puppy is young can help to build a positive foundation, help your new puppy to learn that humans of all sizes are safe and reliable, and provide clear boundaries. Throughout the training process and beyond, Fall River pet owners need to do their part to ensure that the routine, structure, and boundaries continue to be respected to ensure that training continues for a lifetime. Better behaved pets often avoid many situations with other animals and humans that could put them in harm’s way.

Reason #3 – Impulse Control Training

As most professionals at your local Dartmouth emergency vet will tell you, impulse training can keep your puppy safe in a hazardous situation. It might not sound like an important training skill, but the basic exercises, such as waiting for permission before going out a doorway, learning to drop things or leave things, and coming when called could save your pet’s life. Most dogs who get hit by a car in traffic or experience other dangerous incidents do so because they don’t have impulse control training. Experts recommend that this type of training should occur before five months of age for best results.

Reason #4 – Professional Training is Best

When you become a new puppy owner, you will hear a lot of advice. Well-meaning family members, friends, and neighbors, as well as random people on the street or at the office, will often offer their opinions on how a puppy should be raised. However, your best bet is for Fall River pet owners to seek professional veterinary advice from their local Dartmouth emergency vet and to get training from licensed, experienced, and reputable puppy training programs. You only have a small window of time to establish a strong foundation for training to get the best results. Don’t waste it.

Schedule a Vet Check-Up Before Training

If you are thinking about puppy training programs for your newest family member, make sure to schedule a check-up with Anchor Animal Hospital to ensure that your pup is healthy and ready for training. Fall River pet owners, along with pet owners from all over the Southcoast region, rely on our emergency veterinary hospital for a wide range of services. Give us a call at 508-996-3731 to give your pup a good, healthy start.