Small Mammals

cutefurryrabbitAnchor Animal Hospital is proud to provide full medical services for small mammals. While exotic animals have become more popular pets many veterinarians have not had the training necessary to properly treat these animals. Several doctors at Anchor Animal Hospital have dedicated themselves to advancing their knowledge and their skills with these often fragile animals.

Dr Melissa Caso, a 2004 Tufts University graduate, has been seeing ferrets and guinea pigs at Anchor for 6 years. She is very experienced with these species and is available to provide medical and surgical services.

Dr Gerald Pietsch has been seeing rabbits at Anchor for over 15 years. He has experience in medical therapy and common surgical procedures including spaying, neutering and rabbit dentistry.

Anchor Animal Hospital has equipment specialized to the unique needs of our exotic patients, including appropriate housing, anesthetic equipment, and feeding supplies. In addition, we carry a large number of specialized medications, including Lupron (used for treating adrenal disease in ferrets). The doctors at Anchor Animal Hospital are experienced at drawing blood from exotic patients and use a specialized exotics lab to provide the most accurate diagnostic results.

The doctors at Anchor Animal Hospital believe that many medical disorders experienced by exotic pets can be prevented by providing a healthy diet. All of the doctors are available to discuss your pet’s unique nutritional requirements and will help to develop a diet for your pet. To help provide good nutrition to your pets, Anchor carries a full line of  Oxbow Products, including hay, grain, papaya tablets and vitamin C tablets for rabbits and guinea pigs. We also carry Oxbow Critical Care for herbivores and carnivores, which can be used to treat sick small mammals.

For safety and legal reasons there are several species of exotics not seen at Anchor Animal Hospital. They include:
• Primates
• Wildlife (please see the wildlife article on our FAQ page to see a list of licensed rehab facilities)
• Venomous snakes
• Monitor lizards
• Fowl/ Water fowl
• Birds of Prey
• Invertebrates

In accordance with all other services provided at Anchor Animal Hospital, we strive to provide the best medical and surgical services for you exotic pet. Our doctors will take the time to help educate you on your pet’s unique housing, nutritional and medical needs. Please call us at 508-996-3731 to schedule an appointment for your small mammal.