Taking Care of Classroom Pets in Southeastern Massachusetts

School is back in session, and kids from all over the South Coast area are headed back to the classroom. Books, recess, school lunches, and homework fill up the day, teaching kids life lessons that will hopefully stick with them into adulthood. One of the best “teaching moments” in an elementary classroom is the opportunity […] Read more »

Rabbit Care and Feeding Checklist for New Bedford Pet Owners

There is a lot more involved in taking care of pet rabbits than most people realize. There are many things that you won’t really find out until you start learning about habitat and nutritional requirements. Seasonal pet tips – especially for bunnies that are kept in the New England region – should be sought out […] Read more »

Winter Care for Small Pets and Pocket Pets in Fall River, MA

As the seasons change and cold weather comes to the northeast, pet owners need to start thinking about things like temperature and extra UV lighting, especially when it comes to exotic and pocket pets in Fall River and the surrounding area. Winter tips for small pets should always be welcomed, as there are many experienced […] Read more »

Tick Season in New England: Seasonal Pet Tips for Pet Owners

While fleas and ticks can attack your pets year-round, it is important to stay on top of preventive measures particularly in the fall. Visit your Southeastern Massachusetts veterinarian to get your dog or cat a complete check-up, to ensure that they are not infested with pests. Seasonal pet tips include using preventive measures, such as […] Read more »

Teacher’s Pet: Top Pets for Classroom Learning in Massachusetts

There are many learning opportunities available for students with regard to classroom pets. In most cases, the pets chosen for classroom learning opportunities include small rodents, fish and reptiles. Larger animals aren’t often practical for classroom situations. If you aren’t sure which type of pet would be best for your classroom this year, speak with […] Read more »