Responsible Dog Ownership & Care for New Bedford Pet Owners

As a general rule, pet owners should bring their pet in for an examination once each year that includes a complete veterinary check-up, vaccination updates, and a blood test before getting heartworm treatment for dogs. Even in areas where heartworm is not a serious issue, trips out of town, boarding situations, and other experiences can […] Read more »

Top 10 Reasons to Spay & Neuter Pets in Massachusetts

Some communities, cities, and counties make pet owners spay and neuter pets as a requirement of pet ownership. This is usually due to an over-abundance of stray cats and dogs or overcrowding at the local shelter. Studies show that nearly 3 million pets are euthanized each year across the nation, and the problem continues to […] Read more »

South Coast Veterinary Check-Up for Cats: Long & Healthy Life

If you have a cat in your home, you know that they are very special little animals. Clever, silly, affectionate, judgemental, sneaky, aloof – there are so many ways to describe a single pet’s personality. Another typical behavior found in cats is their instinctive ability to hide pain or illness. It is a survival tactic […] Read more »

Healthy Reasons for Bringing Outdoor Cats Indoors in Westport

There are a few main reasons why people will have outdoor cats. Either it’s how they have always done it, like their parents and grandparents before them, or because they feel that cats need to live in a “natural” outdoor environment to be truly happy. However, most domesticated cats are not well-suited for outdoor life […] Read more »

Springtime Pet Care Tips for Cats & Dogs in New Bedford, MA

Every change of season brings its own potential risks and issues, especially for New Bedford pet owners. When you think about the months that encompass spring, which can include April, May, and June, we most often think about spring cleaning projects, gardening, and holiday egg hunts or other celebrations. Unfortunately, there are hazards for pets […] Read more »

Outdoor or Indoor in Dartmouth? Vet Advice for MA Cat Owners

So the title of this article may be a bit deceiving. The advice that most veterinarians would give to pet owners regardless of where they live is the same: indoors is best. However, in an area like Dartmouth, Massachusetts or anywhere else in the northeastern region, there are even more reasons why you should not […] Read more »