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Anchor Animal Hospital is proud to announce the launch of our pharmacy service online. Working with our trusted suppliers we now offer an online pharmacy providing many of the medications and diets available at the hospital. In addition, a number of items that we do not currently stock are available as well. Available products include […] Read more »

Accreditation Matters: Healthier Practices, Healthier Pets

In the United States, all hospitals that serve people must be accredited, that is, they must undergo regular reviews and quality checks to ensure they meet standards of quality for every aspect of medical care. You might be surprised to learn that the same is not true for veterinary hospitals. When it comes to pet […] Read more »

Are You Making The Best Decisions For Your Bird’s Health?

Many bird owners, in an attempt to give their bird the best possible diet, cage, and care, turn to a variety of books, pet store employees, or friends for advice. Often people take home mite protectors for parasite protection, cuttlebones for calcium supplements, seed mixes supplemented with millet sprays as treats, and sandpaper covered perches […] Read more »

Antifreeze: A Deadly Poison to Our Pets

If you think your pet may have been poisoned contact: Animal Poison Control Center: 1-888-426-4435 Fall is a busy time of year for everyone. You’re getting kids back to school, trying to finish those summer projects, and getting the car ready for winter. This time of year we get concerned about one of the most […] Read more »

Behind the Scenes: Drawing Blood

As with any procedure, veterinary professionals take care to minimize your pet’s stress during a blood draw. Dr. Greg Pietsch says “We do the blood draws as quickly as possible to minimize stress. There are a variety of veins that we use to draw blood including the jugular vein of the neck and veins in […] Read more »

Heartworm disease….Isn’t that just a dog problem?

Heartworm is a parasite (Dirofilaria immitis) which lives in the blood stream of the heart and lungs. The natural host of this parasite is the dog and as most people with dogs know we have been treating dogs with heartworm preventative medications for decades. Recently we have begun to realize that the heartworm parasite can […] Read more »

Internet / Catalog Prescriptions

BEFORE YOU PURCHASE YOUR PET’S MEDICATIONS CONSIDER THESE FACTS 1. Many companies only honor product guarantees when a veterinarian prescribes and sells the product. Purchases from unauthorized distributers such as Internet pharmacies and mail-order catalogs don’t qualify for this guarantee. For example, Merial, the manufacturer of Heartgard, will only honor their guarantee if Heartgard is […] Read more »

Pet Travel Check List

With the holidays just around the corner we know that many people will be travelling with their pets. We want to help everyone be prepared for their trip so that both owner and pet make it to their destination happy and safe. Click the link below to view the checklist to help you get ready […] Read more »

Planning for Senior Care

Our pets are living longer than ever thanks to high quality pet foods and preventative veterinary care. Just as people, pets develop problems as they age. Common problems that we see with older animals include dental disease, arthritis, and kidney or liver disease. Symptoms of age-related diseases are often subtle or vague. Changes in pets’ […] Read more »

Routine Blood Tests Save Lives and Dollars

Most animals will hide any illness or pain as much as possible. Many times they will not show physical symptoms until a disease is in an advanced state. We recommend that senior pets should have routine blood testing every 6 – 12 months. These blood tests help veterinarians detect illnesses and infections early. Early detection […] Read more »