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7 Reasons Why Cats Stop Using the Litter Box

One of the most frustrating things for a cat owner is when their cat suddenly stops using the litter box. An accident every now and then is one thing, but some cats will just start refusing to use the box completely, seemingly out of nowhere. Unfortunately, some cat owners look at litter box refusal as…

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Could Your Pet Have Animal Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

It seems as though everywhere you look, there’s a new pill for this or a new label for that. Studies show that people have more worries and experience related issues, such as lack of sleep, anxiety and panic attacks, as a result. Our pets are very in-tune with our emotions. They know if we are…

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Preparing for Autumn: Seasonal Hazards for Massachusetts Pets

It’s hard to believe that the warm days and nights of summer are already coming to a close. Before you know it, autumn will be here and winter will be right behind. It is important to prepare for the change of season and take some essential precautions that will help keep all types of pets…

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How to Save a Life: Spay or Neuter Your Pet

There are many reasons why responsible pet owners choose to spay or neuter a pet. The sheer volume of unwanted or discarded pets that end up dying in animal shelters each year should be enough of a reason to convince most pet owners that increasing the population is not a good idea. While some of…

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The Truth About Pet Food in America

There is a lot of information available to pet owners about pet food today, but none of it really gives definitive evidence as to which brand or type is best for your pet. New studies have shown that American pet owners spend approximately $18 billion on pet food each year. That’s a lot of money…

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Do Doggy Dental Treats Really Work?

There aren’t too many dog owners that relish the idea of spending time brushing their pet’s teeth. Most dogs are not too fond of the idea either, so in order to compromise, many dog owners are rushing out to buy what are known as “doggy dental treats” from their local pet supply store. Just like…

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Common Canine Behavioral Problems… and Solutions!

When you bring a new dog or puppy into your home, there is a bit of a honeymoon period. Just like any other relationship, the two of you are learning as much as you can about each others’ personalities, habits and lifestyle. While most new pets are eager to please and learn the rules of…

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Summertime in Southcoast: Hot Weather Tips for Pets

After spending a long, cold winter indoors, we all look forward to getting outside in the warmer months and spending some time with our four-legged friends. Unfortunately, our tolerance for heat and sunshine doesn’t always measure up with what’s healthy for them. Some of the activities we enjoy most can actually be very dangerous for…

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Proper Care Guide for Hamsters

Hamster Care

Most children at some point or another, have a furry little hamster as a pet. Whether at home or in the classroom, hamsters make an excellent educational pet that can teach children a lot about caring for something smaller than themselves. However, despite the fact that most people have had a hamster at some stage…

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What to Expect from Senior Pet Health Care

Senior Pet Care

When you adopt a new pet, such as a kitten or a puppy, there are a lot of initial medical concerns to consider. Immunization series, early check-ups and the establishment of a healthy diet and medical exam schedule, are all key to raising a healthy family pet. Just like people, pets today have benefited greatly…

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