Most Common Cat Illnesses & Concerns for Westport Pet Owners

Owning a cat can be both a delight and a challenge. Compared to other popular domesticated animals, cats are pretty self-sufficient. In fact, you will sometimes need to actively look for your cat to make sure that she is okay, as they like to find warm and comfortable places to hide and relax. Westport pet […] Read more »

Small Rodents as Pets: Care for Dartmouth Pets in the Winter

While most people are concerned with winter care for larger domesticated pets like dogs and cats, it is also important to consider winter tips for small pets, such as Guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice and gerbils. Winter in the northeastern states can get pretty extreme, so it pays to be prepared for any eventuality, including […] Read more »

Indoor Pet Exercise Ideas for Westport Pet Owners in Winter

While you might think it’s acceptable to put on a few pounds between Thanksgiving and the first major ice thaw, it can be quite dangerous to your pet’s health to even put on a couple of pounds over the winter months. In addition to gaining weight from all that lounging about and extra holiday treats, […] Read more »

Westport Pet Owners: 10 Winter Care Tips for New England Dogs

There are tons of winter care tips for people, so why not for dogs too? Moisturizers, warm weather gear, nutritional changes – we all have to make adjustments for the season, especially in the northeastern states. Westport pet owners need to stay on top of seasonal changes and seemingly small issues, such as anxiety issues […] Read more »

Caring for Senior Cats: Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth

A lot of people don’t realize that the needs of a senior cat can be drastically different from the needs of a younger cat. Unless you are experienced in the changing health demands of a cat as it gets older, you will likely rely on the advice of your veterinarian at the local animal hospital […] Read more »

Rabbit Care and Feeding Checklist for New Bedford Pet Owners

There is a lot more involved in taking care of pet rabbits than most people realize. There are many things that you won’t really find out until you start learning about habitat and nutritional requirements. Seasonal pet tips – especially for bunnies that are kept in the New England region – should be sought out […] Read more »

Why You Need an Emergency Veterinarian in Southeastern Mass

A lot of pet owners have a regular veterinarian that they go through for routine check-ups and vaccinations, but they don’t know how important it is to find an emergency veterinary hospital in their area. Pets can be like kids. They tend to get sick or get into trouble after regular office hours and an […] Read more »