Feline Blood Pressure

Can blood pressure be a problem in cats? As techniques to measure blood pressure in pets have become available, veterinarians have found that cats can suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension). Chronic long-standing hypertension can cause serious and even life threatening problems. Complications of hypertension can include loss of sight, heart disease, kidney disease, seizures, […] Read more »

How to feed both dry and moist foods

Do you supplement your pet’s recommended dry food with moist grocery store food? You are not alone. But many pet owners don’t realize that supplementation of a veterinarian-recommended food is usually unnecessary and may even decrease its effectiveness. There are ways, however, to provide variety for your pet without compromising dietary goals. Proper nutrition Foods […] Read more »

Variations In Pet Food

“Diet” Pet Foods A new study from Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine found a significant variation in both calorie density and suggested consumption in “low-calorie” dog and cat foods. Diets with weight management claims and specific feeding instructions or foods with weight managements but no feeding instructions were studied by researchers. The researchers […] Read more »

General Pet Search Tips

1.) Start foot search immediately. The sooner you start searching, less distance your pet will have traveled. Thoroughly search the surrounding property and continue in the direction that your pet was last seen heading. Go door-to-door, starting close by initially, moving further out later. Bring a flashlight and check EVERYWHERE: in closets, cupboards, and all […] Read more »

Cats & Heart Disease

Cats like dogs and humans can suffer from heart disease. It’s interesting to note that each of these species is prone to a different form of heart disease. Humans are most likely to have coronary artery disease which may cause heart attacks. Dogs most commonly have valvular disease in which one or more of the […] Read more »

Heartworm and cats

For years the veterinary profession has recognized the threat of canine heartworm infection and promoted monthly prophylactic medication to protect dogs from this parasite. Over those years, we erroneously believed that cats were at minimal or no risk. New findings, however, indicate that cats are both at much higher risk and much more seriously affected […] Read more »

National Pet Dental Health Month – Discounted Dental Procedures at Anchor Animal Hospital

Did you know that dental disease is the most frequently diagnosed health problem in pets? Dental disease can cause significant problems for our dog and cat friends, particularly as they get older. Fortunately, veterinary dental techniques have been developed to prevent, minimize, or treat the damage caused by dental disease. Dog and cat mouths are […] Read more »

Wellness Exams

The best way to help ensure that your pet has a happy and healthy life is to have regular wellness exams by your veterinarian. Pets cannot tell you when something is wrong; in fact many pets will do their best to hide illnesses. Physical examinations and discussion of your pet’s behavior, activity, appetite, etc with […] Read more »