How to Take Care of Guinea Pigs in Southeastern Massachusetts

For both people and pets, spring is a period of transition. As we move from the cold weather, snow, and ice of winter to the warmer, rainy days of spring, there are lots of changes that must be addressed. Keeping small rodents as pets requires someone to really pay attention to the change of season. […] Read more »

Why Your Pet Needs Regular Veterinary Check-Ups in Dartmouth

One of the best ways to take care of your pet and prevent common illnesses, diseases, and other issues that can affect typical domesticated animals, is to bring them in for a regular veterinary check-up at your local animal hospital in Dartmouth. Vaccinations, dental care for pets, and preventive measures, such as flea and heartworm […] Read more »

Small Rodents as Pets: Care for Dartmouth Pets in the Winter

While most people are concerned with winter care for larger domesticated pets like dogs and cats, it is also important to consider winter tips for small pets, such as Guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice and gerbils. Winter in the northeastern states can get pretty extreme, so it pays to be prepared for any eventuality, including […] Read more »

Winter Care for Small Pets and Pocket Pets in Fall River, MA

As the seasons change and cold weather comes to the northeast, pet owners need to start thinking about things like temperature and extra UV lighting, especially when it comes to exotic and pocket pets in Fall River and the surrounding area. Winter tips for small pets should always be welcomed, as there are many experienced […] Read more »

Teacher’s Pet: Top Pets for Classroom Learning in Massachusetts

There are many learning opportunities available for students with regard to classroom pets. In most cases, the pets chosen for classroom learning opportunities include small rodents, fish and reptiles. Larger animals aren’t often practical for classroom situations. If you aren’t sure which type of pet would be best for your classroom this year, speak with […] Read more »