Dental Care for Pets in Dartmouth: Advanced Dentistry Services

Pet owners are becoming more aware of the importance of dental care for both cats and dogs. Years ago, most people shrugged off this important service, thinking that it was just another trendy treatment that wasn’t necessary unless their pet had severe dental problems. Today, a more preventive approach is being taken at veterinary clinics […] Read more »

Raising a Puppy: Tips for Canine Dental Care in Young Dogs

There’s nothing quite like having a new puppy in the house. There are so many things that must be done – toilet training, teaching him where he must sleep, making sure he doesn’t get into trouble, first check-ups, shots and learning how to walk on a leash. While there’s a lot of work involved in […] Read more »

Do Doggy Dental Treats Really Work?

There aren’t too many dog owners that relish the idea of spending time brushing their pet’s teeth. Most dogs are not too fond of the idea either, so in order to compromise, many dog owners are rushing out to buy what are known as “doggy dental treats” from their local pet supply store. Just like […] Read more »