Why Your Pet Needs Regular Veterinary Check-Ups in Dartmouth

One of the best ways to take care of your pet and prevent common illnesses, diseases, and other issues that can affect typical domesticated animals, is to bring them in for a regular veterinary check-up at your local animal hospital in Dartmouth. Vaccinations, dental care for pets, and preventive measures, such as flea and heartworm […] Read more »

Indoor Pet Exercise Ideas for Westport Pet Owners in Winter

While you might think it’s acceptable to put on a few pounds between Thanksgiving and the first major ice thaw, it can be quite dangerous to your pet’s health to even put on a couple of pounds over the winter months. In addition to gaining weight from all that lounging about and extra holiday treats, […] Read more »

Westport Pet Owners: 10 Winter Care Tips for New England Dogs

There are tons of winter care tips for people, so why not for dogs too? Moisturizers, warm weather gear, nutritional changes – we all have to make adjustments for the season, especially in the northeastern states. Westport pet owners need to stay on top of seasonal changes and seemingly small issues, such as anxiety issues […] Read more »

Successfully Adopt a New Puppy for Christmas in Westport, MA

So you’re thinking about adopting a puppy to give as a pet to a spouse or a child. Unfortunately, there are many things that can go wrong with this scenario. Statistics reveal that there is a huge increase in adoptions just before the holidays, but there is an even bigger increase in abandonment of dogs […] Read more »

How Seasonal Temperature Changes Affect Your Pet in Westport

We all know how the change of seasons can affect us, as humans. Changing from summer shorts and tanks to long pants and sweaters is just part of the picture as we move into autumn. As the days become shorter and the temperatures become cooler, our bodies respond and change accordingly. The same holds true […] Read more »

Seasonal Pet Tips in SE Mass: Fall Candies & Pets Don’t Mix

When the weather turns cool and little ghouls come out for trick-or-treat, many households tend to have a lot more candy around than usual. This can continue from the beginning of fall with seasonal treats, including homemade goodies, all the way through Thanksgiving when company comes to visit. Pets love all of the smells and […] Read more »