Study Fuels FDA Warning About Raw Pet Food Diets

In a quest for better nutrition, longevity and health, many pet owners in Massachusetts are using non-traditional pet food diets. However, one diet in particular has been called into question by local veterinarians because of its potential to cause illness in pets. As a result, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began a study on […] Read more »

The Truth About Pet Food in America

There is a lot of information available to pet owners about pet food today, but none of it really gives definitive evidence as to which brand or type is best for your pet. New studies have shown that American pet owners spend approximately $18 billion on pet food each year. That’s a lot of money […] Read more »

How to feed both dry and moist foods

Do you supplement your pet’s recommended dry food with moist grocery store food? You are not alone. But many pet owners don’t realize that supplementation of a veterinarian-recommended food is usually unnecessary and may even decrease its effectiveness. There are ways, however, to provide variety for your pet without compromising dietary goals. Proper nutrition Foods […] Read more »

Variations In Pet Food

“Diet” Pet Foods A new study from Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine found a significant variation in both calorie density and suggested consumption in “low-calorie” dog and cat foods. Diets with weight management claims and specific feeding instructions or foods with weight managements but no feeding instructions were studied by researchers. The researchers […] Read more »

The Danger In Feeding Bones

As veterinarians we know that bones can be dangerous for both dogs and cats, and we recommend to not feed bones to your pets. We have seen catastrophic results due to ingestion of bones. Recently the FDA released a paper on this subject and we wish to pass it along to you. All 10 points […] Read more »