How to Protect Your Pet in Fall River, MA During the Holidays

The winter holiday season can be an exciting and stressful time of year. Unfortunately, it is often our pets who pay the price for the accidents and forgetfulness that can happen in many households when we humans celebrate the holidays with family and friends. Pet owners in Fall River and the surrounding Southeastern Massachusetts area […] Read more »

Healthy Alternatives to Store-Bought Dog Treats in New Bedford

Has your pet gained weight after consuming too many treats? Are you worried that your pet’s treat habit is affecting his canine dental care? Have you read all the articles about bad ingredients in popular treats and want to consider alternatives? Did your Southeastern Massachusetts emergency vet recommend that you reduce your pet’s consumption of […] Read more »

Indoor and Outdoor Exercises for Pets in Westport Year-Round

Keeping fit during the fall and winter months is a challenge for everyone, but especially for household pets who do not want to spend much time outdoors in the freezing weather, rain, snow, and ice. It is important to engage your pets in exercise, regardless of the season, according to the recommendations of your trusted […] Read more »

Dental Care for Pets in Dartmouth: Advanced Dentistry Services

Pet owners are becoming more aware of the importance of dental care for both cats and dogs. Years ago, most people shrugged off this important service, thinking that it was just another trendy treatment that wasn’t necessary unless their pet had severe dental problems. Today, a more preventive approach is being taken at veterinary clinics […] Read more »

Seasonal Pet Tips in South Coast: Litter Box Training a Bunny

Back in spring, the Easter Bunny brought your family a little, furry gift. Now that gift has grown to be quite a bit larger, and your kids have grown quite attached. While keeping a bunny outdoors in the spring and summer can be a great idea, providing lots of fresh air and distance from the […] Read more »

What to Do if Your Dog is Injured in a Dog Fight in Dartmouth

Nobody wants to even think about what could happen if their dog were to get into a fight with a neighbor’s dog – or if their own dogs got into a fight at home. The truth is that dog fights happen. It isn’t always easy to predict and sometimes there isn’t any warning, but rather […] Read more »